Ap Evaluate Essay

AP Assess Essay

Throughout the 1450- 1800s, both the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire were becoming powerful. The country of spain found the Americas even though the Ottomans overtook Constantinople. Both equally contained property which allowed Spain to pay attention to raw materials as the Ottoman Disposition focused on enlargement.

Italy found the Americas which allowed The country to find unprocessed trash and help increase their economy. The Spanish was able to dominate additional Empires because they found the Unites states. On the other hand, the Ottoman Disposition started to increase across the place because we were holding able to dominate Constantinople. This allowed the Ottoman Disposition to become one of the world powers.

When Spain discovered the Unites states, they focused on grabbing unprocessed trash because it would allow them to rule the world economic climate. This likewise allowed The country to become more potent and powerful. However , when the Ottoman Empire gained control over Constantinople, the Ottoman Disposition knew these were able to grow their Empire because the Disposition gained a lot of power which different countries were afraid of.

Spain's disposition building process was concentrating on a vendor empire mainly because they wished to dominate our economy; however , the Ottoman Empire's building procedure as focusing on strengthening their very own military force. The The spanish language lacked value as they centered on going to the Unites states for almost anything like recycleables and normal resources. The Ottoman Disposition government was corrupted which usually forced their military to keep up the Empire.

Between 1450- 1800s, both the The spanish language and Ottoman were turning into the planet's powerful disposition Spain and the Ottoman focused on different concepts, as Spain focused on service provider as Ottoman focused on strengthening military and expansion.

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