Compare how a poets present workmanship and their journey of life and composing to a friend Praveen shakir and on top’ Gary Snyder....

Compare how a poets present workmanship and their journey of life and composing ‘to a friend ‘Praveen shakir and ‘on top' Gary Snyder.


‘All you have to do then is hang on and watch. New life will certainly sprout'. I will explore the theme relating it to liberation plus the journey of life and demonstrate this kind of by comparing style, language and the importance in the two poems by simply Praveen shakir and Whilst gary Snyder and determine if it was expected or perhaps intended.

‘On top' by Gary Snyder is a poem that represents his personal voyage to life, plus the aptitude with the path of life. it of the composition ‘on top' gives a sense of transporting the previous products to the leading, the composition of design of the poem has more depth in height with the paragraph in that case goes reduced which relates to the title in the poem ‘on top' ‘all this new stuff goes on leading ‘and exactly where his journey begins. The word ‘inside out' is a manifestation of inner-self to express his deep essence. It also reveals he published this poem quite quickly ‘turn it over, turn it over' and they rhyme and is a simile and in addition demonstrates he does desire to let it drag. This questions reader the tone of the composition is recommending you to not let it move and the duplication of the words create a vastness on the phrase it is looking to create. ‘A mind just like compost' a means of a whole new life.

On the 6th stanza ‘let it pass on through' communicates all his emotions happen to be combined collectively. It emphasises his emotions are in one bubble besides making us experience he includes a sense of control. ‘A mind like compost' this individual implies a great imagery of nature in and your life in one concept. The word ‘compost' may symbolize tranquillity and just how in the past implying his comfort was disturbed by iniquity. For instance his new life is important to him ‘wait water down' suggesting he is detoxification everything away. This pertains to him making a fresh start off. ‘Sift straight down even', ‘from the dark to underlying part these two stanza's express him making a brand new start and having rid of...

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