CEC Program Student Recommendations Essay

Welcome towards the Rasmussen College Experience Program (CEC)!

Your next step in to become student in Rasmussen College or university is to complete the Rasmussen College Knowledge Course (CEC).

You must total the CEC within the five-day timeframe you selected and registered to get upon signing up to Rasmussen College, and you need to score many of these in the CEC to enroll in your degree software courses. Your CEC will begin on 09/27/11 and end on 10/01/2011

You should decide to devote in least 1 hour per day to complete the CEC. You'll be required to: в—Џ Read the CEC announcements published by your trainer each day. в—Џ Start at quick the program and complete each of the five rated assignments, in addition to the sixth and final ungraded assignment.

в—‹ You must total your tasks in order and may not be permitted to move on to another assignment right up until you've completed the previous task. в—‹ Your instructor will grade your assignments and give feedback. в—Џ Read almost all pages in this time and complete almost all assignments, discussions, and quizzes. в—Џ Call up your plan manager when you have completed the five-day training course to report your success and to talk about the next actions for starting your quest to college graduation!

Accessing the CEC

To gain access to the CEC on your slated start day, visit http://edvantage.learntoday.info/default.asp. Your account information will be inside the following structure:

Username: initial name. last-name

Password: your initials accompanied by the last four digits of your social security number Case:

Student Brand: Jane Doe

Student SSN: 111-22-3333

User name: jane. doe

Password: jd3333

Use most lower circumstance characters intended for both your account information. If you have concerns about your user name or username and password, please speak to the Personal Support Center in (866) 693-2211. After you have logged into the on the net classroom, click the College Knowledge Course website link and then the teachings tab near the top of the page to begin your CEC.

Complications Accessing the...

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