Chemical Waste Essay

Clean Up Of Chemical Waste

Chemical leaks are main problems that bother the environment. Stringent government rules are trying help this problem, but governmental commanders face various challenges. Disposal of hazardous chemicals can often be difficult and costly. Seeing that chemical waste materials has demolished the environment, steps are staying taken to stop further air pollution, Like the Yucca mountain job.

A local based pharmaceutical drug company called Novo Nordisk released their 1999 environmental report. The company, which aims to keep by contaminating the surroundings, confessed to 2 separate injuries for the year. A New york plant was fined from your United States Office of Culture 1, 000 dollars. Due to the fact that hydrochloric chemical p was discarded in the public sewage program. New management has taken action to insure that is not happen once again. Also on the Gentofte web page in Denmark wastewater with the E- Coli bacteria was drained into the public sewerage system from a leaky heater exchanger. The event was reported to the local authorities and cleaned out up quickly.

A local business offered to donate expired chemical substances to community schools. The harmful chemicals have expired to which they may be used in colleges for tests and related activities. The businesses prefer to contribute the chemicals because it keeps these people from the expensive action of disposing of them properly. One example is Novo Nordisk in Clayton, North Carolina provides a program in that they can donate hydrochloric acid and other expired chemicals to Clayton High School. A chemistry instructor at North Johnston Senior high school was not aware that businesses could contribute their out of date chemicals. Her comment with the quality of the expired chemical substances was confident. " Expired chemicals would be fine to use for tests and help myself out a lot due to the small budget I actually am allowed each year pertaining to chemicals". A representative from Novo Nordisk mentioned that a plan could quickly be set up if colleges would demonstrate interest in the...

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