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Brown Friends; How Bad Stereotypes Affect Polynesian And Maori In New Zealand 'My demographic is: senior high school cleaning girls, fast food burger-making, factory boxpacking, rubbish pick up truck drivers, tour bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, dry drivers and living from the pension pleasure riders — I are a dropout. ' They are all suggestions raised and challenged by simply Joshua Iosefo's 2011 viral speech, 'Brown Brother'. 'Brown Brother' is one of 3 texts that is to be examined, as opposed and in contrast in this essay. The second text, 'Manurewa', can be described as short film based on the Southern region Auckland killing of Navtej Singh, a liquor shop owner. The next text is definitely 'Fish Heads', a short tale written by Aparina Taylor, that focuses on several Maori young boys who are in the city.

The media will be a major culprit pertaining to the unfavorable stereotyping which was brought after pacifica people. Brown individuals are more than what exactly they are portrayed to be through press. Films including 'Manurewa' reinforce many of the bad stereotypes which have been brought upon Pacific people. The stereotype of 'brown' people is known as a negative a single, one of lack of employment, one of criminal offense, one of violence. In 'Manurewa' each one of these stereotypes were portrayed. The men in the short film had been all unemployed, all fully commited crime and all showed assault.

" Bro Town, Sione's Wedding, is to do I have to mention the GC? Now I may mean to condescend - I mean these kinds of shows wonderful, don't get me wrong -- but can anyone explain: is going to there ever be a period when our representation moves deeper than putting our people to waste? ” Joshua Iosefo, in his 'Brown Brother' speech, spoke about this issue – the way the media represents 'brown' persons in a adverse light. This individual highlights just how these types of displays create and enforce the stereotypes that 'brown' people now have to live by. Whilst these displays are meant to amuse, this adverse reinforcement simply show the bad side of Polynesian and Maori people.

One of the main themes with the film 'Manurewa' is about people...

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