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Firstly I would like to state the I desired to calculate the cost of debts and cost of equity however the information succumbed the claims are missing the items required to calculate the cost of debt and the cost of value but I would really like to analyze the information related to this part Industry capitalization previously increased in year 2010to 7, 016 million through the previous yr which was 3, 805 million in year2009. also you observe the share price started year2010 with equal to one hundred and eighty, 168, three hundred and ended the year with 143, 885, 400 on this occasion it's displaying decreasing number not increasing as usual we should look to the house plant and equipment its percentage elevated as it was 69. 7% in year 2009 to seventy. 3% in year 2010, we can have a look to the receivables and prepayments and this was higher in year 2009 with 13% than it was 2010 with 10. 4%. the stocks percentage already decreased coming from year 2009 to 2010 as we find it was 0. 2%in year2009 then it started to be 0. 1%. we shouldn't forget about trying to the investors equity as it was 3,, 641 million in year 2010 and was lower in the season of 2009 with two, 621 , 000, 000 and it was higher in year 2009 than it was in year 2009, the whole assets were increased even as see it was 11, 398 in yr 2009 and it was 13, 240 in year 2010, when we look to the earnings we can find that it's because other equities increasing inside a fantastic way as it was several, 133million in year 2009 to 3, 948 million in year 2010 lastly we should check the earnings before duty to see how the company whether its carrying out well or perhaps not doing well and we saw it had been 6222million in year 2009 and 1099million in the year of 2010 And below are the meaning of expense of capital, expense of equity, and cost of debts with elaborations about expense of debt/equity plus some examples the right way to calculate this and some different ways used to believe it is as applying (WACC)to believe it is Cost of Capital

CapitalВ is a term used in the field of financial investment to refer towards the cost...

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