Broken Spears Essay

The Broken Spears

" The Broken Spears” is a variety of many accounts of the damage of Mexico by Cortes and the conquistadors in their invasion. The motive behind this kind of conquest was Cortes' aspire to bring a lot of rare metal, spices, and land which can be claimed, back to Spain. Though these wants were excellent, they were popular at the expense of the Aztecs and consequently altered an entire world, due to a preliminary drive intended for power, control, land, and money. Cortez along with the Spaniards ultimately destroys the Aztecs in their quest for fortune and fame. The accounts are based on the Aztec's perception in the invasion and can include the mutiny of the Aztec people that cause the fear and the end of the Aztec civilization. The Spaniards first entrance into Tenochtitlan

The novel commences with the description of a series of omens or premonitions, noticed ten years preceding, that was believed to be vital warnings from the coming invasion. The omens arouse a large number of fearful and terrifying reactions. At the time, the meanings were unclear to the Natives. Based on the text, " Montezuma consulted various seers and magicians to learn whether the omens intended an getting close to war or some other crisis”, however the magic could not guide him. Certainly not soon after, in line with the second chapter, there were information that " the mountains lose interest a strange those who have very lumination skin. All of them have long beards, and their hair comes only to their particular ears. " After much contemplation, Montezuma sent five messengers to greet the strangers also to bring them items believing that they might be Quetzalcoatl (God of learning plus the wind) and also other divinities getting back to Mexico as they promised. (2: 13)Montezuma offered specific instructions as to how to present the messengers and gifts to the strangers.

The natives confirmed reverence to the strangers by their introduction by " touching the earth before him with their lips”. (25)...

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