Die Lewe Van In Tuinker Abouter Essay

Ek staan in die middel buildings roads traffic frigidness. Ek wens 다 kon se dat 다 op n groen tuin staan met roos bushes throughout me, just like I used to 50years ago Elke oggend en aand een ek d refreshing showering of dew drops. The rushing in the willow forest woke me personally up en put myself to sleep in the romatic nighttime with celebrities watching to me cost to do business. I miss those times during the 50 years ago

I am a porcelain gardengnome. A valuable heirloom that guarded my masteres garden pertaining to 3 gnerations. I was hand made by the china porcelainmaker and got imported to bakerfield. Now I am located on the bare cold porch in Paris. You declare Romantic.. zero goodness simply no! It's far faraway from thoses attractive images you could have postcards z the eiffel tower. In your What epople don't observe is the greyish builng only behind that eiffel tower system releasing those deathly atmosphere of gases, namely carbondioxide. Mostly folks are too active to see the beaty in manmade things that thy observe no flaws in these people.

This world usedto be these kinds of a beautiful place filled with riches of nature and proplre living without harming the nature unless absolutely necessary but now, human being are only way stepping the line and making this entire world into a clutter. Business, entertainment but once it' destroyed the greed for materialialism isnt gonna help retrieve the eath. It will be too late. We don't wish the earth to feel simple dirty and broken such as a do I when used to serve 3 years of experts guarding their particular well taken care of garden filledwith the duft of bacteria but it was replaced wuth a grotesque –roperty and now im searching the the polluted surroudings of the eiffel tower 50 percent fearing and waiting for your day my new masters child to walk into the porch and " accidentally” great me. Zero im certainly not crying. The acidic air is producing my eyes just water

Ek staan in Die middel van geboue, strate, verkeer, die koue en geluide. Ek is usually ook gekraak, oud sobre koud.

Ek wens ek kon sê dat ek met roosbome rondom my personal omring can be,...

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