Dropouts Essay

Sarahi Oviedo

British 1301 P05

Causes/Effects Dissertation

October twenty four, 2012

Dropouts and the Future

Most students create goals in their lives as scholars to keep likely to school and become someone in life. Although, sometimes it is difficult to allow them to keep pursuing their dreams because many obstacles move through in their course; most of them are related with institution and family. These obstacles transform in bullying, economical problems, pregnancy, and mental problems, the four factors that impact students to shed the desire of continuing their education to, increase as a person, be responsible, and reach the desired goals they when set in their very own lives. Making fun of classmates, racism, teasing, as well as threats are part of intimidation, which is one of the primary factors for individuals dropping away school. Pupils decide to prevent attending university for being disliked due to their differences; students will not feel secure. These make the students having an uncomfortable environment in school make them want to avoid going to college so they can avoid bullying off their classmates. A lot of students with a economic status believe learning to be unimportant in the perception that their parents will almost always be at their very own sides, making all decisions for them. All of this, in part, is a parents problem because now days, parents get worried more about having a great economic position and supplying everything to their children, rather than motivating them to maintain studying. Father and mother tend to pay more attention to their particular jobs rather than their children, leaving them neglected and susceptible to bad affects that may led them to Unlawful situations, prevent caring about school, marks and the upcoming. Pregnancy is another reason for pupils leaving unfinished school. Young ladies getting pregnant during their years of senior high school dropout to prevent the unfavorable comments of their classmates and still have a " better life” in which they do not be criticized because of being a teen mom. Also that they drop out since is challenging for them to...

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