Edward Marshall Boehm Composition

Edward Marshall Boehm Inc.

Case Study


Blake Anderson

Kathleen Matn

Beau Bachelors

Anthony Moore

Edward Marshall Boehm a well-known company, that is about delivering quality while focusing on Nature. This kind of report will include the vision, mission, SWOT, internal and external environments, and a strategic decision from my group in certain detail.

Edward cullen Marshall Boehm had a eyesight that was different from different businesses. Their particular vision was, " To capture that exceptional moment and setting which in turn conveys the smoothness, charm, and loveliness of the bird or perhaps animal in its natural habitat”. This eyesight was placed in order to entice a specific market and that was people who get pleasure from and accept nature. Edward cullen Marshall Boehm had a objective that was very similar to its vision. The mission was, " Associated with world conscious and safety of endangered wildlife by causing them conscious of nature's charm”. I got a quote straight from the company after i called and someone who was very close to Mr. Boehm told me that, " Mr. Boehm desired to achieve the bigger picture which was sending his Perspective and Mission around to everybody to ensure that people would understand why he does what he does. You can only tell this to your class but Mister. Boehm might sometimes write personal words to customers with both the Vision and Mission written on there. This individual felt that personally producing that would help to make customers worth their product more and worth him more” (Richard Bassel).

As we centered in for the external environments of Edward Marshall Boehm, we identified many possibilities and risks. One element surround Boehm Inc. may be the market they will compete in. Their market is not a substantial market. Concentrating in in adapting additional markets could be very useful for the company and help them increase. One suggestion we have should be to adapt into a European environment. By doing so, Boehm Inc. may broaden all their line of products and adapt an industry that is incredibly large. Having knowledge about the external conditions is...

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