External and Internal Environmental Analysis Composition

External and Internal Environmental Analysis

Shannon Roundtree


November 21, 2012

School of Phoenix az

Arthur Close

External and Internal Environmental Analysis

The vision created by late Sam Jobs can be aimed toward reaching the diverse global community. Changes in the external environment determine the decisions the business will make. Apple has prominent frameworks that have been implemented to judge the external environments from the company. Domain names that affect the company externally have been identified and will enable the operations to be inspired. Apple includes a strong company image that leads to good relationships involving the company and customers. The corporation focuses on research and development, which in returning creates new products in the market. Apple has a highly effective financial performance that preserves the procedures of the firm. This monetary performance assures the sustainability for Apple. Apple features services that improve the procedures of the PC's, the company presents network alternatives, and its main function contains developing personal computers and related software. " The United States mainly operating place for the business as the organization offers it is portfolio consists of the Apple pc computing system, iPods, apple iphones, iPads, as well as the specific web servers. " The operations of Apple Inc have been completely narrowed down so as to appeal into a specific group of people with the requirement of effective personal computers” (p. 2). External Analysis

Expansion of e-commerce in the industry is one of the external factors that hinder the business. As a result, Apple will have adjustments made to its systems to perfectly keep up with the e-commerce sector. The company interacts with its exterior environment to aid achieve goals. The perspective of the organization is geared toward " creating value and competition that is certainly sustainable for the company to achieve great revenue maximization levels” (p. 1). Apple may remain a top competitor in the market through their very own...

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