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п»їAngie Darkish

March 10, 2013

Period 4

Funds Can't Purchase Happiness

In F. Jeff Fitzgerald's story, The Great Gatsby, he covers the concern pertaining to social concerns. Additionally , Internet Angelou's poem, " Only, ” and Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem, " Rich Cory, ” are similar to the social issues of The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald, by means of The truly amazing Gatsby, covers how cash is the root of all bad.

In The Wonderful Gatsby, Fitzgerald makes the stage that funds is the root of all nasty. For example , when ever Myrtle received ran over by Gatsby's car (137), supposedly since Gatsby's car is really fancy, Myrtle was ran more than by " wealth, ” which is what she wanted throughout the account. Everyone wants profit The Great Gatsby. They would do anything to obtain it, like cheating on their partner to be with one more man that has money (Tom and Myrtle). Gatsby was required to go to the armed service, attend Oxford, and even start bootlegging to become rich and impress Daisy to come back in to his forearms.

In Robinson's composition, " Rich Cory, ” it's about how exactly this gentleman was lonesome yet, he previously all the profit the world. Gatsby and the gentleman in the poem are very identical because they both believe money can buy joy, but in the final they equally die by a bullet. Neither of them enjoyed the way they lived, they constantly felt that something was missing. Yet , Gatsby and Richard not necessarily exactly the same. Unlike Richard, Gatsby doesn't walk around the roadways to show off his really worth. Unlike Gatsby, Richard wasn't willing to transform his expereince of living just for staying obsessed over the woman. The two Gatsby and Richard have a similar wealth, nevertheless they don't share the same personalities.

In Angelou's poem, " Alone, ” it's about how precisely this person was all alone and just how no one can generate it exclusively in the cold outside community. This composition relates to Gatsby so much because Gatsby often ends up alone. An example can be when Gatsby found out that Daisy did marry with Tom. Then, he confronts them both and asks her who have she genuinely loves and she replies, " Used to do...

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