Final Record Team 316 F Dissertation

Executive brief summary

" We visualise and develop innovative educational tools that trigger inspirational activity and provide positive recurring stimuli for children in their learning process and creative enjoy. We believe within the power of innovative education. ” – Innospark Our team has chosen Innospark, Lithuania, which can be actually a new company who also produces educational toys pertaining to young children. Education is very important element of each folks life, especially in this century, so having the children begin their educational journey in the early age is vital. Growing greater, becoming a rival on the Lithuanian market, Innospark decides to visit outside the neighborhood market and take a chance on different European markets. Us having the capacity to choose the marketplace we reached agreement to acquire two markets, first Biskupiec, poland and second, Scandinavia. Given that Poland is one of EU's fast developing countries, which usually also has a lot of buyers coming from world wide and where the middle profits is growing speedily, we determined that Innospark would have a big chance in conquering the Polish market fast. As well there is almost no competition available, on their particular product. Scandinavia on the other hand is definitely developed and open for new companies, giving them new options. Even though, there exists one genuine competitor, Innospark has different kind of goods which can very easily compete with others. Our decision on the access mode is definitely direct export. It is easy to put into practice in small countries, trade barriers are reduced to minimum, mainly because all the countries are EUROPEAN members and capital necessity is limited. The potential for getting income are greater, because of the intermediaries are removed. All facets of the deal are handled by all of us. We know who have are consumers are, each of our customers find out who we could and business trips are definitely more efficient and effective with meeting the customers face to face, for much more confidence and trust. Customer relations are one of the most essential part, they will feel well informed and protected with our product, once we build the worming contact with these people. We also need to have a total control over the negotiations and transactions, also the us patents, copyright and trademarks. To get future programs we are considering bigger improvements and expansions on the markets. We also considered around three employees with standard income (Poland), proximately 410 euros, which is a typical salary to get Poland. Ad for our product will probably be throughout the net. First the webpage of Innospark and the possibility of Facebook . com, opening a website is totally free and getting more customers will probably be faster and easier, we also would be able to advertise each of our page with a very low expense.

1 . Market Segmentation

As stated in the last section, the marketplace has been segmented by Innospark into two distinct customers, i. electronic. individuals and businesses. People: The acquisitions made by this portion are usually single purchases for own youngsters or someone known to the individual customer. The demographics with this segment may be classified because: An average home income of 1500 Pounds

Parents include high goals for children regarding education and development Businesses: This category includes business clientele who acquire toys for children. These consumers are also businesses such as day-care, as well as school-based organizations like pre-school and nursery. This segment generally caters for several to 25 children.

2 . Target Market Segment Strategy

Transferring is a technique of increasing product sales potential for businesses. To go intercontinental, a company does not be big in size and have a huge promoting department. The Lithuanian industry represents enough sales likelihood of Innospark. However , it is important for the organization to grow and the simply way to do therefore is by exploiting the untrained markets, one being Biskupiec, poland. As per Euromonitor, the traditional toys and games market in Poland has become dominated...

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