Fish Cheeks Essay

English 1010

13 September 2013

Amy Tan's " Seafood Cheeks”

Inside the story, " Fish Cheeks, ” Amy Tan identifies a young young lady and the stress that the lady was going through when the girl learns that her grind, Robert, was coming to meal with his family. Amy's relatives was China and their traditions were distinct for Holiday compared to Robert's American traditions. She was afraid of what Robert fantastic family would think. These kinds of feelings happen to be expressed inside the second section, " Once i found out that my parents got invited the minister's family members over intended for Christmas Eve dinner, We cried. ” At first, Amy is shamed of her family and their customs and traditions.

Amy's mother had well prepared a large meals of Amy's favorite foods, that was traditional for any Chinese Xmas. However , at the time she thought it was " unusual. ” Your woman knew that Robert's family members was not used to this kind of meals, and the girl was also embarrassed by her own family's manners. When both people were finished eating and drinking, Amy pointed out that she " was stunned in to silence for the rest of the night, ” in passage 7. Her embarrassment was evident through the entire night.

After the food and the Robert's family remaining, Amy's mom wanted her to realize that she don't need to be embarrassed with her Oriental heritage, but also comprehended that Amy wanted to wind up as the American girls. Her mother offered her a particular gift that night as well, to try and show her understanding. Amy's mother reiterated to her daughter that she must be proud of her Chinese traditions and that she should be pleased to be several.

It had been several years afterwards that Amy didn't recognize the importance of what her mother was saying in relation to being Chinese. For a young adult growing in today's world, there is a lot pressure to fit in and be accepted. Amy Tan was looking to convey this to her visitors. In order to easily fit in these days, getting different and searching different is not always easy. Her family's customs and traditions will be what...

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