Geriatic Nursing jobs Paper

Geriatric Nursing Paper

Geriatric Nursing Newspaper

The student was able to spend four hours during two different occasions with Thelma (alias) at her home. Thelma was a seventy two year old feminine. She got many medical diagnoses's, many of which include: osteo arthritis, diabetes, hyponatremia, and hearing problems. The student was lucky enough to execute an examination of Thelma's functional, environmental and psychological status during an interview form of process. The equipment that were utilized to perform these assessments and a brief information and an analysis in the findings will follow. Functional Assessment

Upon meeting with Thelma many tools had been used to assess her functional status. The first application that was used was the Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living (Wallace & Shelkey, 2008). This tool helped to detect subtle changes in into the prevent a practical decline. It did this kind of by testing the elder's capacity to take care of him or perhaps herself. Thelma score was independent in all of the areas besides continence. Your woman had night time incontinence which is why she dons briefs when she rests. Due to this fact her score was a 5 on a score of 0-6, meaning that she was still at complete independent performing. This Katz ADL can be used as a base measurement mainly because Thelma was well although can be reassessed periodically.

The next application that was used was the Lawton Instrumental Actions of Everyday living Scale (Graf, 2008). The Lawton IADL scale analyzes a person's ability to perform duties such as undertaking laundry, handing money, searching, using a cell phone and applying transportation. The scoring runs from 0 (low functioning) to 8 (high functioning) for women. Thelma credit score on this analysis was a great 8. The girl said the lady did not love to drive through the night anymore although this would not change the rating.

Another assessment that was completed was a vision assessment. Thelma was asked a series of inquiries about her vision and her eye and improvements that she may or may not possess noticed over time (Miller, 2008, p. 346). According to the queries that were asked the big issue that came up was over the past 5 years Thelma stated she experienced noticed that she is not able to observe as well through the night and in badly lighted areas. The student then asked when the last time she got her eye examined and she said it had been years and the lady could not bear in mind. The student known this just as one teaching device due to her diagnosis of diabetes and practical vision decline with aging.

The last functional evaluation that the student completed with Thelma was the Brief Hearing Loss Screener (Demers, 2007). This examination tool is employed to identify those who needs even more hearing analysis. The ratings can range from 0-8, which has a score of three or even more meaning that the needs even more hearing evaluation. Thelma score was a six but this is expected since she has a previous diagnosis of a hearing impairment and already wears about hearing aids. The student asked some other questions unique to her situation with regards to how often this wounderful woman has her about hearing aids checked and cleaned and she stated that this is usually something that the lady gets performed frequently. Examination of Residence Environment

The student did a whole assessment of Thelma's house environment. This kind of assessment was done in order to ensure her safety, and optimal working in her home. The assessment instrument that utilized went within the aspects of lighting, hazards, pieces of furniture, stairways, bath room, bedroom, kitchen, assistive products, temperature, and overall security (Miller, 2009, p. 107). Things that were noted were that she does use a nightlight in her bath room, there was a rug by her back again door that seemed to be a tripping danger because it hooks on the door, she does have stairs at the back of it door for the basement yet she says your woman never decreases there. In the bedroom the one thing that was known was that there was clearly no mobile phone. The kitchen came out clean and she had adequate food safe-keeping and meals...

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