Health 128 Essay

Briana Williams

Health 110

January 9, 2013

Chapter Response, Part one particular

According to the textbook the simplest description, health means being appear in physique, mind and spirit. The earth Health Firm defines well being as " not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”, but " a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”. Health is the process of obtaining using, and protecting all the resources within just bodies, brains, spirits, family members, communities and environment. Overall health has many proportions: physical, psychic, social, intellectual, and environmental. Some people may possibly add on " emotional” and a " cultural” dimension. My personal classification does big difference from this classification above in manners such as well being is about keeping your body in a good condition.

Before reading this chapter I would have defined health because just being about exercise because that is certainly all I used to be taught about health. I had been taught that health involved having your body system in a good condition and consuming the right foods. I did not understand that there was a lot more behind health. Now that I have read this chapter I have found that health is not only about doing physical exercises to keep your body in shape. Overall health is about using a positive, positive outlook. You will get so many proportions of overall health such as naturally , physical health, spiritual health, social health, intellectual into the environmental health. Physical wellness refers to the way in which that your body functions. Including eating right, getting routine workouts, and being at your suggested body weight. Physical health is also avoiding prescription drugs and liquor and being free of disease and sickness. Spiritual health is maintaining harmonious associations with other living things and having spiritual way and purpose. This includes living according to one's values, morals and values. Sociable health is a quality of your relationships with friends, friends and family, teachers and others you will be in contact with....

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