How to Be a Successful College student Essay

Component 1 DQ 1

To become a successful scholar in my new education goal, i have to own this pursuing characteristics and qualities. I have to be actively involved in my own studies and responsibility pertaining to my education, by engaged in class and doing my own home operating and summiting it on time before the deadline date. To travel in to the internet site, checking the work schedule for job deadlines, constantly try to do things ahead. to become successful college student, i have to understand to set my very own goals to get the week and oral cavity and be extremely motivated and followed using a positive attitude towards my education. Always remind personally that although it is hard nevertheless can be done and to always established my concern straight. To be successful, i should find out ignorance is no excuse. Making clear if teaching, questions, tasks are not crystal clear, there is have to get clarification in the event that needed by my mentor. Team job and recently been a team player is a necessary aspect of been a successful pupil Ihave to be an important team member with the mentor and other students and counsellor. I have to draw my priorities straight, need to be prepared. To be a successful student, i must be the participant, always be an interative student that bring good ideas or look ahead to a good idea. be able to use effective time managing technic. Need to stay focused and try to take controll of my own emotions. require stress management strategy. to be a powerful student, i must plan ahead and stay ahead. Prepare and give enough planning time to lectures, class participation or discussion boards, discussions, assisgnment. aviod procastinations. All these enumerated, i think is likely to make a successful scholar. will invest effort and enthusiasism, applying effective communication, time managing skills and teamwork to hit your objectives.