Essay upon Insecticidal House of Robinier Seeds and Bark Against Termites

Insecticidal Property of Robinier (Samanea saman) Seeds and Bark Against Termites (Coptotermes vastator). A study on the insecticidal property of Acacia seed products and start barking against termites was done to find out if perhaps these could possibly be used against termites. The experiment was conducted in the laboratory in the Bureau of Soils in Lipa Metropolis and in Lumbang National High school graduation from Sept to Oct 2005. Your time and effort was initiated to enrich the laboratory actions in Chemistry and Biology for kids. It especially attempted to solution the following questions:

1 . How could insecticides prepare yourself from Acacia seeds and bark? 2 . How successful is the Acacia insecticide in combating or killing termites (Coptotermes vastator); 3. Are there significant differences in the effectiveness of the ethanolic Acacia extract and commercial insecticide (Solignum) in combating termites? 4. Exactly what are the implications of the use of Acacia seeds as insecticide on theenvironment and human health? Ethanolic extracts were prepared through the seeds and bark of Acacia accumulated from areas surrounding Lauro farm in Lumbang, Lipa City. These types of extracts had been used while samples in the qualitative evaluation and primary screening intended for insecticidal real estate against termites. The screening process of the ethanolic extracts from Acacia seeds and start barking revealed arsenic intoxication saponin, tannins, alkaloids, lowering agents – glycosides, carbohydrates, which have the capability to get rid of termites. The one-way Evaluation of Difference (ANOVA) utilized in assessing the ways of the effect in the ethanolic components against termites. Results were confident, showing the experimental test to be corresponding to Solignum. Even more clarification with the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser. Researchers

P-Jay M. Latorre


Ms. Beatriz R Rubico

Lumbang Countrywide High School

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