jiajia Analysis Paper

п»їAlternative lifestyles happen to be new ways of life which have been different kinds in the traditional way. In the past, many people had decided to get married. While now some people are not planning to get married, although live the single life with or certainly not children. This way of existence has little by little formed the mainstream. Alternate lifestyles at this point include various new ways of living, which include: single-parent people, staying single and public living. There exists social scenario have become a common phenomenon and affected the economy of family members. Single-parent family means a family group with in least 1 child and the single father or mother living together. According to analyze of the U. S. Census Bureau, there is a significant grown in the price of single-parent family in the United Stated, from 13% to 31% from 70 to 98. Compared with two-parent families, virtually all single parents live in low income. For example , sole parent ought to alone endure children's educational costs. In addition , the similar type of alternative life is staying single. In 1998, about 25% coming from all American families were single person friends and family. An adult who also chooses to living alone is called remaining single. Specifically, most sole people claim that they enjoy the life of a single person. As an impact on culture, this way of life may reduce the delivery rate. Embracing the public living, that way of life promote the communication between people and effects upon housing job. Communal living means that a group of people live collectively who may not know one another but have comparable life uses or prevalent interests. The idea of communal living is available in several city enclosure project. In the study of the project in Sacramento, A bunch of states, Harrison for 1990 designed a community in which the residents experienced their own personal space. Nonetheless they shared the laundry area and yard. In sum, three significant lifestyles make up the alternative way of life:...

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