Essay on Job Expense Accounting Systems

п»їBudgets immediate managers to do which from the following? (Choose 2) Provide audit assistance

Plan ahead

Function independently

Assess past performance

Project income for the upcoming period

A business organization has to operate like the way a(n) operates, applying resources to accomplish goals and tasks.

The method is a formal plan to carry on an executing for a certain period of time. В A good budgeting system causes managers to measure the business because they plan, letting them do which will of the next? (Choose 2) Set an agenda for source allocation

Set certain expectations against which actual results could be compared Obtain a good compensation bundle

Get promoted for doing a good-job

Finish the budgeting task on time

An excellent budgeting system forces managers to examine the business enterprise as they program, allowing them to perform which of the following? (Choose 2) Full the spending budget task on time

Obtain a good compensation package

Discover inaccurate historic records

Set a plan for resource allocation

Communicate the organization's short-term goals to its associates

A approach is usually when higher management units specific goals and motivates, or dictates, that rank-and-file employees make those desired goals happen to get the business. В

Which from the following will be nonfinancial advantages of an organization? (Choose 2) Elements



Service quality or merchandise


Which will of the following are nonfinancial attributes of a company? (Choose 2) Quality of service or product





To gain some great benefits of budgeting, __________ must appreciate and support the budget. (Choose 2) senior management


the IRS . GOV

your bank that grants or loans a loan towards the company

financial staff

To gain the benefits of spending budget, __________ must understand and support the budget. (Choose 2) senior managing

the IRS

middle supervision

your bank that grants a loan to the company


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