Kambom Effect Paper

Kambom Response Paper

In the article, " Theories of African American Personality” by Kobi Kambom, he discusses the several approaches from the African American persona. In most in the article Kambom goes into fine detail about the different models. This individual describes how they operate and in addition how they possess changed. The different theories of African American personality are, Eurocentric, Pseudo Afro-Centric and Afro-Centric. All three of those models operate differently and differ through authorship. Eurocentric are hypotheses presented by simply people of European descent using a Euro Worldview. Pseudo Afro-Centric are theories presented by persons of African American descent employing an Western european Worldview. Finally, Afro-Centric happen to be theories offered by African Americans applying African American Worldview to show African American individuality.

Looking into each one of these models as well as the way Kambom has extensively described them, seems incredibly accurate. Eurocentric, Pseudo Afro-Centric and Afro-Centric are versions that are well alive today. There are theoretical components which can be suggested about Eurocentric and Pseudo Afro-Centric models. There are a great number of negative references made towards these 2 models because it has a great deal to do with self-hatred, Envy of whites and low self-esteem as well. For instance , on the show Maury there was a female who was darker skinned and followed a Pseudo Afro-Centric theory. The girl followed a ecu Worldview and was against anything that had to do with her African American culture. Her reasoning was because she feels as if looking at things through an African American culture will not get you anywhere as far as a career and possessing a good family. She wasn't able to explain for what reason she felt like the Africa Culture was not good enough on her behalf, but it was obvious since she was brainwashed and was dealing with self-hatred.

The Afro-Centric model is usually strictly based of African American Worldview to portray Black Personality in fact it is definitely...

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