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Mattel Inc. Segmentation

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August '04, 2014

Isaac Owolabi


This paper is approximately the company Mattel and segmentation. It covers the segmentation that the organization can carry out for promoting their products. It will discuss demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral characteristics segmentations. The paper examine possibilities for a segmentation and what each segmentation means for the organization.

Mattel Inc. Segmentation

Mattel is a global toy company that has been about since 49. They are the company that introduced Barbie and Hot Tires to the world as well as many others toys. Mattel has permit agreements with Walt Disney and Nickelodeon. In addition , offers merged to great corporations such as Fisher-Price and Tyco toys. Mattel has established themselves as a best toy organization offering toys and games for all gender, ages and cultures. They will embrace having the capacity to service a various cultural of shoppers. " Mattel's vision is usually " resulting in the future of enjoy. ” Mattel's objectives should be grow the share in the market, continue to increase its working margins, and create long-term stockholder worth. " Mattel has brand and goods for girls and boys. The brands and products intended for the girls are Barbie trend dolls and accessories, Polly Pocket, Very little Mommy, Disney Classics and Monster Large. The boys have goods such as Warm Wheels, Matchbox, Tyco R/C vehicles and play models and AUTOMOBILES, Radica, Doll Story, Utmost Steel WWE wrestling and Batman. The 2nd category may be the Fisher Value Brand. American presto includes Small People, Baby Gear, Imaginext, Dora the Explorer, Get Diego MOVE, Thomas & Friends, Mickey mouse Mouse Clubhouse, Disney John and Never Terrain Pirates, See' N Declare and Electric power Wheels. The final brand pertaining to the girls may be the American Woman Brand products that are marketed from it catalogs, web page and stores. ” (" Mattel, Incorporation., " 2013). Each manufacturer has their sections to target to. Demographic

Market segmentation intended for Mattel includes gender, era, nationality and family size. Their sexes are split up into two portions boys and girls. Mattel carries and advertises to both sexes equally holding quality toys and games to entertain them. Time are broken into a large number of segments. Initial, there is the babies and little ones ages including 0 -3years, next are Pre-school age groups ranging from 4-5 years, and the next are older kids with ages ranging from 6-7 and 8 and up. Mattel has certain toys for every age group. Fisher Price was handed the main control of the infant and toddler age groups. To market to the infants to toddlers, the advertisement should be thrilling about learning. It should become geared to the fogeys. Parents are likely to purchase more toys that are going to help with the introduction of their children. " Mattel core products are made primarily for children. In their Barbie product, Mattel's flagship and number one seller that every young lady wants to have got. American Woman Collection is definitely wildly favored by girls from 7-12 years old while Sizzling Wheels have an overabundance than 15 million males 5-15 of ages happen to be avid lovers, each using an average of forty one cars. Two Hot Rims car are offered every second every day. ” (Tacbobo, At the. S., 2012). The next segmentation is nationality. Mattel is actually a global organization, so they have to market in order to nationalities and cultures. There are many nationalities just for this segmentation: white, blacks and African Us citizens, Asian and Latina. Mattel has had to work at this. Barbie and her good friends were primarily white. Following many complaints from the dark community Mattel introduced Christie, Barbie's black friend towards the franchise in 1968. At present with the Latin population growing in the United States. The Latin tradition is a segmentation that Mattel can now give attention to more in to gain even more sells. In addition , adults who have are parents are another portion. Another segment because it is the parents who pick the toys for his or her children....

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