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McDonald's Improved Brand Photo by Sponsoring London Olympics 20123

McDonald's Publicity Crisis3

Why Choose Olympics3

Profitable Sponsorship4

How McDonald's Define Brand Elements4

Adding Value to the Manufacturer by Unique London Olympics Logo5

Associating Brand Factors with Healthy and balanced and Environmental Concept6

Building Emotional Connections7

Communicating the Brand8

Included Marketing Communication9

Tailored Promotions11



McDonald's Sponsorship in London Olympics 2012 - How the Brand was Defined and Communicated Launch

Function marketing will be viewed as an increasingly important promotion of a industry’s product or service (Taranto, 1998; Shiu, 1995). Event marketing identifies an attempt to co-ordinate the communication around a created or sponsored event. In event marketing the big event is an activity that collects the target group in time and space; a gathering in which an experience is created and a message communicated”. (Behrer and Larsson, 1998). In the USA, the expansion of event marketing can be three times quicker than the growth of advertising. You will find three major reasons for the increasing usage of event advertising: first, the economic bonuses to find new and unconventional ways of conversation have improved; second, the higher demand on companies' advertising have grown; third, the ability and experience of marketing by way of events have been increased and systemized (Behrer and Larsson, 1998). Since the raising usage of event marketing, the topic of how to use function marketing efficiently has been a growing number of interested by marketers. McDonald's has a very long history in event promoting, and some with the event marketing cases were rewarded among the best event applications by Celebration Marketer Magazine's Ex Prizes in 2012. McDonald's has been sponsored Olympic Games for over 40 years (McDonald's official website, 2013). McDonald's sponsorship of London Olympic Games 2012 is used as a circumstance in this report, to analyze how McDonald's company elements will be defined and communicated towards the target people. The first part of this report is known as a brief advantages of McDonald's sponsorship system. In the second part, how is McDonald's brand factors are defined is assessed. The interaction tactics of the trademark to the target audiences can be discussed inside the third portion. McDonald's Improved Brand Photo by Selling London Olympics 2012 McDonald's Publicity Catastrophe

As the increasing healthy awareness among the list of consumer, a growing number of consumers refuse fast food mainly because fast food can be conventionally recognized unhealthy. There are 60. 8% of adults and thirty-one. 1% of kids are heavy in the UK (Alford, 2012). Some UK customers have charged McDonald's because they thought McDonald's increases the growing of unhealthy weight epidemic. More over, McDonald's also confronted marketing controversy via social networking. In the early on 2012, McDonald's did a social media promotion on Twitter, which was to encourage individuals to tweet their exclusive McDonald's reports using hashtags. However , this promotion became an utter fail because the company received stories about finding viruses in their foods and severe health conditions in the food (Alford, 2012). To be able to improve McDonald's public picture and change people's perception about McDonald's food, the marketing overseer decided to produce a healthy and nutritious food image through the London Olympics 2012 sponsorship (Eccles, 2012). Why Choose Olympics

There are two major causes of McDonald's selecting Olympic games since the event: 1st, the big audience coverage; and second, Olympics games will be associated with great and healthful lifestyle which in turn comply with the brand image that McDonald's supposed to build up. Meenaghan (1983) means that target audience protection is a beneficial event selection criterion. McDonald's is one of the major international take out brands, and it has more than 34, 500 stores...

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