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Nivea: The marketing mix in product launch

Response sheet

1 . Just what consumer-led product?

If the customer dictates the product industry orientated.

2 . NIVEA does researching the market, what are both the types of research? Primary and Extra research

3. What are the advantages and drawbacks of both types of research and offer examples?

Primary elizabeth. g. questionnaires accurate yet slow and expensive to get. Secondary elizabeth. g. study data old, someone else offers collected this and therefore may not be accurate, yet cheap to buy.

4. What is the difference between a niche market and a mass market? A distinct segment market is aimed at a specific difference in the market electronic. g. Doing some fishing Times while mass market is aimed at the total population elizabeth. g. TELEVISION SET times.

5. An item can either always be market-orientated or perhaps product-orientated, which will of the two styles of merchandise has NIVEA adopted?

Market orientated.

six. What is the difference between an item range and a product combine? Product range may be the different types of similar product hair shampoo e. g. for dried out skin, oily skin, hypersensitive skin and so forth. Product combine are the different types of product that Nivea develop e. g. shampoo, locks gel, moisturizing hair product, hand cream etc

7. Employing this case study and NIVEAs website, draw up an item mix, range of products table.

8. It is often said that regardless of good the merchandise is, in the event no one is aware of it then nobody will get it, to what extent do you think this is true?

True no customers simply no sales

9. NIVEA has several promotional techniques available to it, what are they and how may possibly they be used?

Free samples, advertising campaigns on TV, magazines, billboards, movie theater, sponsorship

10. There are various pricing strategies available to NIVEA, explain a few of them. Skimming set the price high when ever first presented and gradually lower this Penetration collection...

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