Letter of Rec Case from tutor Essay


January 20, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

This notification is drafted on behalf of Destiny Williams. I had been fortunate enough to have Destiny during my Leadership school this past Land Trimester. She's an honest, innovative, and brilliant person using a promising foreseeable future ahead of her. Destiny can be described as driven and intrinsically motivated person. Normally, during a high school graduation student's profession, they are beginning form their particular opinions about various issues, however , Destiny has a obvious vision on her future as well as the person your woman intends to become. Destiny has exploded into a comfortable young lady that is certainly determined to attain the next phase of her education and the psychology field.

One among Destiny's finest attributes is usually her confidence. Everyday, I have phenomenal learners walk into my personal classroom, nevertheless Destiny sticks out because of her drive and consideration of others. Unfortunately, a large number of people uncertainty our small people's character today. However , I wish those skeptics may spend five minutes with Lives. They would visit a young girl who is sincere, well-spoken, and a young female that quite simply wants to assist individuals. Throughout Destiny's high school job she has acted on these types of attributes through her engagement in SADD, the Teen Diabetes Research Foundation, although receiving honor roll status. She also has worked part time in a restaurant, while maintaining a 3. 18 GPA. Success has many strong points, however I do think her finest strength can be her maturity. At the beginning of the Leadership course, Destiny was brave enough to share her " level fright” difficulties with me. In spite of her fear, she came to class every single day and performed at breaking away at that fear of speaking in front of others. By the end in the trimester, it had been apparent towards the class and myself that Destiny acquired overcome her fear. Anytime i want Destiny, the subsequent quote comes to mind. " Really OK being scared. Being scared means you're about to do something actually, really brave. ” (Mandy...

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