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Sample Application Transmittal Notice

Place on county or non-profit working waterfront organization company letterhead


Ashton kutcher Reecy, Community Program Director

Florida Residential areas Trust

2555 Shumard Maple Boulevard

Sadowski Building, Selection 310

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100

Dear Mister. Reecy:

For -----Name in the local government or nonprofit working waterfront corporation ------, I actually am pleased to submit the enclosed offer application (one original and two copies) to Florida Communities Trust's Working Waterfronts Program. This kind of application is perfect for acquisition of ------ name of the project internet site --------.

In case the project web page is picked for money, the ----- name with the local government or perhaps nonprofit working waterfront firm ------ is usually committed to gratifying all obligations made in the grant application.

We have received an opinion from the local government preparing staff determining that the suggested use of the project site is consistent with the local extensive plan.

My spouse and i also certify that condemnation or the menace of disapproval has not been applied and will not really be used to get any area of the job site.

I actually hereby allow ---- name of county employee or perhaps non-profit functioning waterfront environmental organization rep ------- to do something as the main element Contact intended for the task. I understand that correspondence about the grant app will be given to this person. You might reach him/her at (insert phone number) or (insert e-mail address) or by mail in (insert posting address).


--- Unique signature ---

--- Name of the county employee or perhaps administrator

or perhaps

--- Name of the nonprofit working lake shore organization recognized

The transmittal letter is usually to be signed by Mayor, Percentage Chair, or City/County Supervisor or Assistant Manager. In the case of a nonprofit, the letter is to be signed by Executive...

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