PHIL 447 CNN And FOX Media Essay


I chose to watch CNN and Fox news to investigate the between how they relay information to the general public. I have browse that CNN publishes actual news which Fox is merely an informational entertainment station filled with viewpoints about this news. Immediately it is seen that CNN is extremely detailed inside their broadcasts. Upon watching a number of stories via both stations, I have found that they basically present the same precise news stories, just in different ways. CNN was just a 30 minute section but they carefully covered the most important world occasions. Fox Information was one hour long part and briefed the world media events. This is understandable seeing that Fox news is a local station, that were there to spend a majority of the air period on community news. The two stations do however relay the news within a bias method.

For example , both channels talked about the recent Teacher affect in Chicago. CNN spent about 4 or 5 minutes within the story stating that the professors have come to a and the kids will be able to come back to school on Wednesday. A 2 hour ending up in about 800 union officials and delegates concluded which has a contractual agreement which will need to be ratified by the teachers and support staff and union users. The Chicago, il Mayor Emanuel was happy with the results stating that it was an honest compromise. The students are affected with a longer school working day but they will probably be returning to college, which in turn will permit the parents and care givers to return to work. The insurance coverage of this story on Sibel news was minimal, long-term about a couple of minutes. It had been just quick details saying that the professors and union members got reached and agreement and that the students can be returning to school after absent a full 7 days of class.

Also, a subject of the reports that was presented upon both programs was the unpleasant situation in Afghanistan. CNN had an considerable small...

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