Red Shawl Girl Dissertation Questions  Answers

The Reddish colored Scarf Lady Questions & Answers

1 . How does Ji-li's thought about the Communist Party and its beloved leader, Mao Ze-dong, change over the course of her history? Name one of the most crucial incidents in the autobiography and describe how they alter Ji-li's emotions about the party. Ji-li never ceased believing in Mao mainly because everyone was brainwashed into thinking he was very good, like she says on the initial page; " Heaven and earth great, but increased still is the kindness in the Communist Party; father and mother will be dear, yet dearer even now Chairman Mao”(Pg. 1). He was thought of as a god without blamed pertaining to the bad that was happening in the country. Though Ji-li always believed in Mao, her thoughts on the get together changed over the novel since she blamed the people inside the communist program rather than the head. At the beginning of the storyplot, she thought that all the country was in a great express with communism and how everybody was treated, but she after realized that it was wrong when ever her friends and family was players into the Dark Category and shunned. A lot of things happened to Ji-Li during the revolution that she did not understand just like when they sealed her preferred place to examine books or perhaps when her classmates offender her of getting a romance with her teacher. There were worse things that built her dislike the get together. First, the girl didn't be able to take the test to go to the best middle college because they will changed the way of education and since everyone was to get treated the same there was none in the world as a very good middle school or a awful middle institution. When they improved the system, this infuriated Ji-li because one thing she cared about was her education since it might help her be successful. Next, Ji-li's father and mother had to open fire their housekeeper, Song Po-po, because creating a maid was to be living in luxury and it would players them in to the black category. To avoid becoming shunned, that they fired Track Po-po which will made Ji-li angry because she loved her just like family. The worst case in point was when the communists ransacked her home and had taken everything. This was one of the previous things which happens to Ji-li also it would make her mad because the lady knew the people that raided the house had been sent by party. installment payments on your " Destroying the Several Olds was obviously a new challenge, and a crucial one: It could keep China from dropping her Communist ideals. Although we were not facing genuine guns or perhaps real reservoirs, this challenge would be actually harder, since our adversaries, the spoiled ideas and customs we were so used to, were inside ourselves” (pages 28–29). Ji-li reverently invokes this Communism doctrine toward the beginning of her story. How can this notion of freeing the country with the Four Olds become harming? Who decides what is Four Olds? Discuss other occasions in which commanders have attempted to erase culture and record. Ridding the of the Four Olds becomes damaging since when you ruin everything you destroy the good points too. Individuals are no longer persons, and they every become brainwashed and they all go toward the one ideology, leading to the losing of the individual's identity and everybody becomes a clone. The way they produced them imitations was that they all had similar haircuts, outfits, and everyone was educated a similar no matter what your abilities had been. Also, the respect of teachers was lost and so they even allowed the students to judge and criticize their educators. The people who have decided what were the Four Olds was anyone who was faithful to the communism party mainly because they can interpret the written law. For instance , high school students ruined a male's clothes when they decided his clothes were too older or traditional western looking. Of all time, there have been various leaders who also did similar and improved the old techniques. For example , the settlers from the U. S. practically wiped out the local people and their methods of living plus the conquistadores completely destroyed the natives of Latin America. Finally, a far more recent case in point is the way the U. T. government covers up items they don't...

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