Essay on Relection from the Developmental Theory Activity


Representation of the Developing Theory Activity



06 28, 2010

Mayra Perez


Running head: Reflection in the Developmental Theory Activity

Group D's Piaget's Concrete Detailed Stage – Five Senses Lesson Prepare covered the developmental theory. Piaget's Concrete floor Operational Stage is his third of four stages of cognitive advancement.   This level is by seven to about 11.   In this kind of stage the children learn to make use of symbols for manipulate and representation pertaining to logical advancement. During this level the children may rank, sort, and distinct objects by making use of their five senses, feel, taste, look, hearing, and smell. The activity " Five Senses” by Amber Mallow was created for youngsters in the third or 4th grade hence the children can easily learn by hands on to know the comparison with upon object and the senses.   The students master in this lessons about the five detects: taste, smell, touch, ability to hear, and view and how to use their senses to achieve new experiences.   The students can easily identify their particular senses to objects and classify them to solve concerns. Much like in Piaget's theory, the children employed classification to understand the comparison of their sensory faculties.   They have got concrete information to work with hands on because they can not think abstractly.   The children in this stage have the talents of preservation, classification, serration, and space reasoning. By thinking about concrete information they will learn that their detects will develop discovered

three or more

Working head: Reflection of the Developing Theory Activity

information. By simply learning all their five feelings they can connect with the world around them and even perceive that with out one of their senses life would be hard but not feasible. In this activity the student learn how to identify the objects as well as the schema of...

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