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1 . The Body Store organises a unique fair trade programme called Community Control to promote reasonable trade with its ingredient suppliers who are mainly from growing countries.

By buying materials from these suppliers, the Body Shop allows them gain more income. Eventually, people earning a living for these suppliers are also expected to have better pay. This would help improve the living standards of people in developing countries.

2The Body Shop Base improves the well-being of folks in contemporary society by providing funding for nongovernmental organisations working in such areas as human being rights and environmental safety. These areas are essential for the wellbeing of people.

3Yes. The Body Shop's Against Pet Testing plan benefits society because it gives other types a better probability to survive. One of many key elements in conserving our society's well-being is definitely maintaining an ecological equilibrium between human beings and non-human creatures. The best number of pets used for tests may lead to the extinction of species and in the end affect the ecological balance. The actual Body Shop is doing is attempting to reverse the discrepancy, and consequently this will likely benefit world.

4The Body Shop detects the highest quality materials and changes them in innovative goods. It then markets and prices usana products fairly. Thus, customers can enjoy a wide variety of new, premium quality products. They can also find the money for to buy the products for a affordable price. (As the Body Shop's products are constructed of natural rather than artificial substances, they are also supposed to be more secure for customers. This kind of improves the well-being of its buyers. )

5By practising a societal advertising concept, the entire body Shop increases the trust and devotion of the customers....

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