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п»ї1. 1 Explain current legislation sector skill common influence about organizational policies and techniques for marketing and making the most of the legal rights of users of cultural health and sociable care assistance. 1 . two Analysis the factors impact achievement the promoting and maximizing the rights of users of social into the social care service. 1 . 3 Analysis how echange between individual and medical care worker lead to promoting and maximizing the rights of users of social health insurance and social treatment service. 2 . 1 Make clear the factor they may bring about the loss the independence not participation and social exclusion for weak people. installment payments on your 2 Analysis how company systems and processes will be managed to promote participation and independence with the users of health and interpersonal care services. 2 . three or more Analysis the strain that arise when controlling the right of individual to independence and choice resistant to the care provider's duty to protect. 3. one particular use a example from a health or social proper care setting to identify the magnitude to which specific are at likelihood of harm. several. 2 Explain the role peoples perform in a staff and how could work together to achieve the shared objective. 3. 3 Analysis the effectiveness of policies, types of procedures and managerial approach in a health or perhaps social treatment setting to get promoting the management risk, review current legislation, rules of techniques and plans that applies in handling of medication. 3. some Suggest substitute ways to complete task and achieve team goals. 4. 1 Review current guidelines, codes of practices and policies that apply in handling of medication. some. 2 Evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures within a health and interpersonal care establishing for administrating medication. Case Study 1 1 ) 1, installment payments on your 2

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1 . 1 Make clear current legislation sector skill standard affect on company policies and practices for promoting and maximizing the rights of users of social into the social proper care service Current Legislation:

Health and social care sector is much snobbish by government policy adjustments and legal changes (Care Standards Take action 2000 –inspection and sign up of the workforce and The White colored paper –Our Health Our Care The Say –integrating health & social care) –this has received direct impact on instructing and qualifications pertaining to the ecuries. Countrywide Bare minimum Standards at the moment require that;

п‚· Non commercial care company homes must maintain 50 percent of personnel qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Health and Sociable Care.

п‚· 50% of staff offering personal proper care in domiciliary care must be qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Health and Sociable Care.

п‚· All managers must be skilled to a NVQ Level four or comparable (eg Sociable Work degree) in Health and Social Treatment with a relevant management certification ie Signed up Managers Award.

The continuing professional creation (CPD) of social treatment workers further than their inauguration ? introduction and initial training has been noted in successive white colored papers, green papers and instructing approaches in both equally children's and adults ‘services.

Sector Expertise standards

п‚· Leadership, managing and hrm.

п‚· Attracting and retaining a quality workforce.

п‚· Growing the skills in the social care workforce.

п‚· Developing fresh types of working.

п‚· Improving the skills and improving the tasks of commissioners. п‚· Requirements, learning requirements and funding.

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