Stereotypes Of Canadians Dancing For Satan 2 Dissertation

Stereotypes of Canadians

Is there a typical Canadian personality?

How are we influenced by stereotypes?

I. " Dance with the Devil” by simply Edward McCourt


The Reverend Dugald Cameron complies with the devil face to face in old Raftery's shelter on the top of Dead Man's Tombelle, wins the confrontation, in addition to the process washes up the dis reputable town of Coyote Gullly.

As a class, all of us will see the short history and complete a brief story evaluation. The research will be a assessment for fictional elements.

Name: _____________________________


Author: _____________________________

Description of Setting

Plan Summary

Precisely what is the initiating incident?

Rising Action: Precisely what are the complication(s)/obstacles?

Precisely what is the climax?

Falling Actions and Denouement: How are the complication(s) settled or tackled? Are there added techniques of plot utilized?




A few simple transactions about human beings and existence; avoid the utilization of clichés (i. e., the angst of adolescences, fact versus dreams, companionship is known as a salvation).



Description of Character and Character Individuality

(Identify the kind of Character)

Textual Evidence

Literary Devices

Exactly what are some examples of literary gadgets used by the writer? Evidence through the text displaying the fictional device for action. Commentary: What really does the literary gadget show? How come the author use it in his tale?

Synthesis Question(s)

What signs can you locate on pgs. 124-125 that may be a foreshadowing of the preacher's discovery that Old Gentleman Grainger may be the devil?

Describe the significance and intent from the last sentence in your essay of the story. How can it be ironical?

This story is based on one of the most well-known themes in literature - the confrontation between guy and the satan. Why do you think this concept of the man...

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