Success Is a Journey Not a Destination Essay

When I was fifteen, my mom usually said. " You have to be the best women at the time you grow up my daughter”. Until now, I always remember what she said. After SPM, my result is not as good ?nternet site expected. I find myself so discouraged at that time. Luckily, my parents produce some strength and said, " in the event you fail on this occasion, that's not mean you are unsuccessful forever”. They do not show their very own sadness with my lead to front of me eventhough I know inside their hearts there is a little dissappointed with my own result. During those times, I thought to myself, Let me repay what I did. My own luck was lucky, I managed to get an offer to matriculation. Due to my result is not good, i got an offer for two years programme matriculation. But I don't proper care of the sort of thing mainly because I was guaranteed to personally that I wish to study hard and about the result. After finished my personal matriculation programme, I got flying colours result and qualified to acquire JPA scholarship.

Most of my personal UPU software, I chose College or university Technology Malaysia ( UTM) because seeing that I was in matriculation I had developed a dreamt to enter generally there because my personal ambition at that time to be a great engineer. Yet my mom explained, because my spouse and i am a female, engineer is not suit for me. My mom ask me to have an edution course. I simply follow my friend and change my application form. We still appreciated, from eight choice, I recently put one particular for the education course because I adopted my mom terms. But the relax, I continue to chose the training course that related to engineering task like genuine chemistry, natural math and perhaps I was so stubborn in those days and I continue to put petroleum engineering however for my previous choice.

While waiting for UPU results, We am no longer working. I just sit at home and be a fat home cat. Probably I ingest too much but the fact that I actually am extremely sure that no one can challenge my friend cooking. I actually am pretty sure every children on this planet will explained like this for mom preparing food. Then, UPU result was announced, I used to be very happy mainly because I got what I...

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