The Cask of Amontillado Essay

Cask of Amontillado

What actions and characteristics of Montresor produce him an efficient villain one might question? " I must not only discipline but discipline with impunity" (Poe, 1199). Montresor wants to punish Fortunato for an unknown crime against him. Montresor took his revenge about fellow aristocrat Fortunato within a night of Carnival while having been drunk, bewildered; blank; confused, and in a very jester's costume. It would seem it would be fairly hard to murder a man during a festive occasion. However with the proper strategy any kind of covert murder can be committed. 
The first factor that makes Montresor an effective villain is the environment upon which this individual approaches Prospero in. The storyplot states that Fortunato is at high state of mind, and showing off a Wenches outfit during the Carnival event. Generally anyone under the influence of alcohol and certain medications will be easy to persuade in any type of party atmosphere. I believe that Montresor required all this into consideration when planning about how he would search for revenge about Fortunato. He probably believed that if he acknowledged Fortuanto through the Carnival, and even though drunk he would be able to persuade him in to doing nearly anything. 
The second factor that makes Montresor an efficient villan is actually he uses to persuade Fortunato to go into the wine beverage cellar. Montresor claims this individual has received an entire water line of Amontillado sherry wine beverages, and wants an expert opinion of the wine quality. Already being friends with a person, being intoxicated, and at a party would be enough for anyone inside the same situation to think it would be reasonable to go with Montresor. " Come let us move, ” says Montresor to Fortunato after informing him of the Amontillado (Poe, 1200). Montresor performed on the fact that he understood Fortunato would be tempted to taste the exquisite wine. After all what would be greater than wine by a party nevertheless more wine? 
The third factor which makes Montresor an efficient villain can be where he chooses to actually make the tough. Fortunato complements...

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