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Thor - Persia word intended for God; Muslims worship precisely the same God while Christians and Jews, however, many of the facts are interpreted differently. The term " Allah" is a unique phrase because it is genderless. It is neither masculine nor feminine. (I)

Adhan -- the initial sound the fact that newborn hears. It is a contact to prayer spoken in the baby's correct ear. (I)

Abraham -- God made a covenant with him (story of Abraham: pg. 128) (J, C, I)

Anicca -- belief of impermanence. A lot more ever changing, capricious, uncertain. (Three Marks of Existence) (B)

Atman - the true do it yourself (H)

Anatta - there is no permanent id or living (not self). Everybody consist of five parts: body, feeling, perception, mental actions and awareness. (Three Marks of Existence) (B)

Baptism - a priest or deacon pouring water over the person's head and saying " I baptize you in the name of the Father, along with the Boy and of the Holy Spirit" (Rite of Initiation) (C)

Bodhi Tree - Siddhartha Gautama sitting under a Bodhi tree and meditated intended for 49 times trying to attain enlightenment (B)

Bris -- or Brit Milah, 8 days following your birth of a son, the rite of circumcision is conducted. It starts the infant in to the people of the agreement. (J)

Bhakti - the yoga of love and faithfulness. One of the main procedures is elizabeth constant repetition of one of God's labels. (The four Yogas) (H)

Buddha -- the owner of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama; teachers who also fully understand the size of mind and reality can also be called Buddhas (B)

Bodhisattvas - those who achieved enlightenment but have decided to stay on a persons plane of existence, suffering, death, and rebirth. Their very own purpose is always to teach and heal other folks on their excursions. (B)

Old-fashioned Judaism - the middle way between reform and orthodox. They follow many of the 613 commandments and a lot of early practices. It views reform too loose. The need of the community and its particular Jewish identity always comes before individual wants and desires. They pressure tikkun olam. Men and women might sit collectively in the synagogue and women could be ordained. Is it doesn't largest branch in canada. (J)

Council of Trent -- part of Catholic Reformation via 1545 to 1563. That clarified Catholic teaching for the important concerns of the day and addressed preventing abuses in the event church offices. It would not succeed in fixing unity in Christianity. The primary effort was going to convince the Protestants of their error and also to bring them to conversion. (C)

The authorities:

-affirmed significance of the teaching tradition inside the Church like a necessary interpretation of the scriptures

- avowed the importance from the seven sacraments

- taken care of immediately Luther's insistence that people will need faith pertaining to salvation; nevertheless the Council rejected Luther's idea that faith " alone", with no good works was everything was needed

-insisted that priests necessary improved education so that they would be better equipped to instruct and serve the folks

Council of Nicaea -- result of Arius proclaiming that Jesus was not God nevertheless only the 1st and maximum creature of God. This kind of lead to Ecumenical Councils. The first one was in 325 CE. Constantine called the bishops collectively in Nicaea so they will could decide on wording that would clarify the divinity of Jesus. (C)

Covenant -- an agreement of mutual faithfulness, like a contract or bijou, between two parties; the agreement binds the get-togethers together with common privileges and obligations (J and C)

Counter (Catholic Reformation) - many Catholics rejected the utilization if splitting up and desired change from within just. The Catholics decided to restore themselves being a response to the Protestant Reformation. (see Council of Trent) (C)

Council of Jerusalem - authorities...

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